Stanley Brothers CBD Vape Pen - Ready to Use **Great for a busy lifestyle**


Stanley Brothers Vape pen, made with Charlotte's Web oil, CBD Vape Pens are easy to carry and a great method to get your CBD quickly and easily. These are specially formulated with the most advanced concentration of the non-psychoactive cannabinoids.

Each disposable vape pen contains:

  • Vaporizer pen filled with full spectrum CBD hemp extract
  • Provides about 350 puffs
  • Can be simply thrown away when expended
  • Now with 100mg of CBD per vape pen!
  • Cartridge and battery are housed inside the ready-to-use pen
  • Choose from Vanilla, Strawberry and Watermelon


Vape Pen products require ten to twenty times less plant material than other hemp products to produce this highly concentrated oil. This results in fewer refining processes and less waste material. These proprietary hemp strains have been developed to be naturally rich in cannabidiol (CBD).



Both cartridge and battery are contained in one ready to use unit.  Approximately 350 puffs.  This is an estimate.  Everyone takes different sized breaths, so it can be hard to define.  These products are tested at an independent lab for potency and residual solvents.

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