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The Brother’s Apothecary

The Brother’s Apothecary all started back in 2015 in Portland, Oregon when real life brothers, Shane & Jesse, began looking for healthy ways to consume cannabis. They did not want things like sugary gummy candies, vape pens or oils for dabbing. They wanted something more wholesome and healthy. When they couldn’t find it, they started The Brother’s Apothecary.

In July 2020, we here at Mother Earth Natural Health decided to bring on this line for that reason exactly. We searched and searched for a company that combined organic ingredients and superfoods with full-spectrum hemp to give our customers the most synergistic and therapeutic experience. We now carry their products ranging from CBD Teas to CBD Daily Superfoods to even CBD Body & Beauty products.

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In the last three years, The Brother's Apothecary products have been sold in hundreds of stores across the world. They have even been named "Best CBD Tea" by Herb, scored 93/100 at the 2018 Portland Dope Cup, and have been featured in countless news outlets & events.