What Can CBD Do For People Who Struggle With PTSD?

What Can CBD Do For People Who Struggle With PTSD?

CBD oil is effective in offering relief for a variety of issues such as chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s disease, as well as mental health issues including anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic attacks, and PTSD. It does not cure PTSD but it can ease or eliminate symptoms associated with PTSD and make it easier to live with the condition. 


When most people hear PTSD they think veterans but do you know anyone can suffer from PTSD? PTSD can happen to anyone who has had a traumatic experience. 


CBD functions similar to the body’s natural endorphins. Introducing CBD into the body is similar to getting a boost of endorphins like you might experience when exercising. This doesn’t mean it makes you high or unnaturally affects your body, it simply boosts your mood and helps you feel happier, more relaxed, and at ease.


Instead of focusing on PTSD memories, you may be able to move past them and not allow them to interfere with your body’s natural desire to find homeostasis and feel comfortable and uplifted.


There is also evidence that CBD can help boost levels of anandamide, a compound some research has shown PTSD suffers don’t have enough of in their bodies. Properly balanced anandamide helps a person regulate his or her mood and feel more in balance mentally and emotionally.


CBD also has been shown to ease anxiety, which is one of the most common symptoms suffered by PTSD patients. CBD can help slow the brain down so the person is not over-processing or feeling on edge in response to every circumstance.


CBD is perfect for people who are unresponsive to medication for treating PTSD for those who would rather go a natural route with treatment to avoid unwanted side effects. CBD oil has very few negative side effects and can actually promote better health overall by helping a person get better sleep and by easing mild to moderate aches and pains. Not only does this help them deal with PTSD, it just makes everyday life a more enjoyable experience.


If you’re dealing with PTSD and looking for a natural treatment remedy, CBD oil might be right for you.







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